Logic: Stephen Harper is a Terrorist

For my logic post i have decided to examine the nature of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s stance on “terrorism” and the actions he has taken, allegedly in order to combat what he seems to think is a major threat to Canada.

The definition of “terrorism” is:” the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”. Many definitions include “threat of violence” though i suppose that would fall under “intimidation”

We could narrow this definition down to the more concise “the use of terror (fear) to further political agendas.” Which i think fits better with the name “terrorism” and is entirely accurate.

Therefore my logic example is:

1.Terrorism is the use of terror (fear) to further political agendas
2.Stephen Harper uses the external threat of terrorism to propogate fear in order to further his political agendas
3. Therefore Stephen Harper is a terrorist

If 1. Is true and 2. Is true then 3. Is true.

3. Is directly tied to 1. And 2. Therefore it is a valid logical

For some background information, recently Harper has been playing on the fears of the Canadian people in regards to Islamic extremism to garner support for the Conservative Party and push through multiple bills such as Bill C-51 and Bill C-24 which severely restrict the rights of Canadians and turn many Canadians into second class citizens. Bill C-51 essentially gives government security agencies such as CSIS (the Canadian CIA) and the RCMP ( the Canadian equivalent of the FBI) to indiscriminately spy on Canadian citizens and access their online information without a warrant and share Canadian’s personal information between agencies, also without a warrant. Bill C-24 gives the government the authority to revoke Canadian citizenship from people who have or are eligible for a second citizenship if they have been charged with a major crime, such as terrorism. Bill C-51 also greatly expands the parameters regarding what is considered “terrorism”, essentially giving the government the authority to arrest and charge peaceful protestors, among others, with being terrorists. C-51 also allows the police to detain suspects for 7 days without a warrant or probable cause and denying them access to a lawyer, phone calls, or visitors. The Harper government has garnered support for these bills by exaggerating the threat of Islamic extremism to Canadian citizens, using examples such as ISIS, the two isolated incidents of lone perpetrators with no connection to each other or to extremist organizations who killed a couple soldiers last year in Quebec and at parliament hill, and in some cases outright fabricating terrorist plots to foil by using undercover police offers to target mentally ill Muslims Canadians and manipulate them into attempting terrorist attacks so that the RCMP can swoop in and save the day. Additionally, The conservative party, in an attempt to recover from their drop in the polls has begun to pander to racists and xenophobes,trying to push through policies to ban cultural and religious clothing in the name of “strengthening Canadian identity”. In short, Harper is propogating racism, xenophobia, and especially islamaphobia in order to garner support and push through bills that strengthen the powers of the government at the expense of the rights and freedoms of Canadians.