Colin Evans – Epistemology (Discussion)


My in class discussion started off by having a discussion with Courtney about her belief that “knowledge is endless“. Not only is it endless but it’s physically impossible to attain that much information in a single life time, let alone your brain having the capacity to store that much knowledge. The universe is forever expanding and an incredible rate and we still haven’t even grazed the surface of knowing about the planet we live on. We are always finding new species, coming up with new theories, and discovering past theories to be true. We both agreed that knowledge is endless in every way, shape and from.

Next In the class discussion I talked to Nick about his theory of “knowledge is power”.

“The more one knows, the more one will be able to control events. This sentence is found in the works of Francis Bacon.”

That pretty much sums up the core of nicks opinion. The more knowledge you obtain, the more control and power you can obtain, its as simple as that. We both agreed that in some ways, knowledge is power.

Aaron and I discussed the classic Tripartite Theory of Knowledge.

The tripartite theory of knowledge, analyses knowledge as justified true belief. The tripartite theory says that if you believe something, with justification, and it is true, then you know it; otherwise, you do not.

There are three “Conditions” that went along with the theory and they were Belief, Truth, and Justification. This theory was pretty confusing so our conversation didn’t go very far in depth but from what we could understand we generally agreed with theory as a whole.