Welcome to the Big Kids Club

Yes, Philosophy is that kid. That kid that’s got some hardcore Peter Pan syndrome and just can’t accept the fact that the rest of the world is quite ready to grow up – Or is it the other way around?

This is a nice little paraphrase of the presentation I gave on September 23rd in class, kind of a way to get down what I was trying to say without all the messy stuff involved in actually presenting.

Philosophy is a treehouse.
It’s a place of wonder and curiosity for children all around, who spend their time hanging out in it together and enjoying their carefree and youthful ways.

And as these children grow up, they abandon the treehouse they once knew to embrace ‘bigger and better’ sciences, and they look back on the treehouse they once loved as a thing of the past that should really be gotten rid of. It’s rotting and dirty and as much as kids love to hang out in it, is anything good happening?

A lot of people who have left this treehouse don’t believe so, and think it’s time to move on. But, obviously, considering we’re in this class and people still major in philosophy, there’s something going on that is still worth it to someone. We just have to decide what.