The enemy of my enemy

The Metaphysics unit has brought many hails and storms to my mind, only to find out that this whole week, i have been the prisoner of my own opposition to our group’s theme.  Among our chosen philosopher each with a lavish personality, we came up with the general theme that Overthinking limits our potential results rendering us with a narrow selection of options.

With that in mind, I set out into the concrete jungle of Coquitlam as I planned to find something fitting to our theme.  You might say that you could come up with any object and be able to relate to our theme.  As time went by on my walk, I was dumbfounded to find out how cunning can our mind be when it seemingly opposes us and any fresh idea that would help our cause.  Subconsciously I had been locked out by my own mind while searching for something that spoke about our theme, as it always reaches for perfection which is an imperfection in itself.  Quietly I cried out against the concrete surrounding me how it always seemed to either crystalize my thinking or suppress my breathing throughout the activity.

That leaves our oppsing statement to this theme; without investing any thinking towards our task, nothing can get get done (or at least nothing that we have not yet perfected like a Judo technique or braiding someone’s hair).  Balance must be maintained in all aspects of life in order to be considered, as commonly and crudely known, winning at life.

Every hour passing while working on this topic, my thinking and perspective would change; more drastically while in a conversation with my fellow classmates whom experienced this differently yet so alike between ourselves.  Ayden had opened our eyes how something as silly as the surrounding environment albeit a nuissance for a task involving our internal brewing of a conccoction of an answer to our theme, had proven to influence our focus and bring up lightbulbs in our brains.  And how Andrea mentioned the Shakespearean philosophy on action and how it lies within only one individual to define their actions.