Network Marketing’s Impact on Teenagers


In today’s time, people are always trying to find something knew, everybody is bored of doing the same thing each day. The one thing that sets the current generation apart from the last few however is that we now have what’s called network marketing, it’s recently become popular especially among teenagers. The idea of “being your own boss” is much more appealing than having a job (just over broke). The concept of network marketing is that you don’t move forward with you making all the money, it’s your entire team/company developing a decent income together as one.

The beginning of this particular article states that “Network Marketing is a legitimate business opportunity that has created a lot of millionaires and allowed even more people to enjoy a life of financial freedom and pleasure.” This gives off the friendly impression that anyone can do it. Yes anyone can do it but not everyone finds this to be successful for them. When a teenager reads such a post, does it encourage them to start their own business through network marketing? Yes it does. Does it tell you how to be successful? Not really, it’s gives a brief overview saying that “if your like most teens and young adults you are an active social media user. You could promote products and services that you and your friends use often.”

What I see from this article is that young adults/teenagers should go out and start investing in a business now while their still young. Is this a good idea? How would this impact their lives if they succeed/fail? Think to yourself, how often do young adults make millions now a days, it’s starting to become more popular. What this article leans towards is that we should hop on now and invest into this “legitimate business opportunity”. So I leave you with this, should teenagers take the leap into life and take the lead as a role model for future generations to come or should they wait and go study in university first then working for someone else’s business allowing the next generation to take the leap instead?

“Network marketing is the big wave of the future. It’s taking the place of franchising, which now requires too much capital for the average person.” — Jim Rohn, America’s Business Philosopher

One last point is a quote made by Albert Einstein stating that you should “try no to be a man of success, but a man of value”. Is it good for these teenagers to be developing their own business at such a young age? How would this impact their morals and personal opinions on finances?